Judaica in art

Judaica in art

Boris Dubrov was born in St. Petersburg in 1979. At the age of five he surprised his parents by his unique art abilities. So, they decided to take him to the Art school where he got necessary knowledge of painting and graphics which he later developed on a professional level.

In 1994 Boris entered the Art-Restoring Lyceum “Kupchino” where while studying he got interested in surrealisme. The Administration of this Lyceum arranged the first exhibition of his works in the field of surrealisme.

In 1997 Dubrov arrived in Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served there for three years.

After the Army service, in 2002, he became a prize-winner of the “Young Artist“ competition in Israel.

In 2003 he got acquainted with a unique master of coinage, Itshakh Cheskelson, working in the style of Judaika and got interested in the culture of Jewish people. At the same time he is painting many pictures dedicated to the subject of mestechko life of Jewish people of prewar epoch of the Eastern Europe.

In 2004 he took part in the exhibition of surrealisme at the Jewish University in Jerusalem.

Later, in 2005 his personal exhibition was held in Ashdod. It brought a great success and fame all over the country. Now, most his pictures are found in private collections.

The same year he is taking part in “Salon des Artistes Fransas” in Paris. There was also Dubrov`s exhibition ” Judaika Art” in New-York in 2005.

Boris has his next exhibiton at the Jerusalem Hebrew University in 2006.

Creative range of the artist is broad and versatile. One can see here social features of Judaika as well as strict classicism and surrealisme, concealing the elements of erotic in landscapes.

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